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Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment

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China Shenzhen HuaRuiDi Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen MOTU Power Supply Co.,Ltd) certification
China Shenzhen HuaRuiDi Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen MOTU Power Supply Co.,Ltd) certification
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Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment

Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment
Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: SHENZHEN CHINA
Brand Name: HRD OR OEM
Certification: CE
Model Number: 48VDC 50A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10
Price: USD 150-280/PCS
Packaging Details: Standard for export
Supply Ability: 100pcs/month
Detailed Product Description
EFFICENCY: Above 95% INPUT: 90-290VAC
PROTECTION: Input Over-voltage , Over-voltage Protection,Over Temperature Model: 48VDC 50A
High Light:

adjustable dc power supply


48 volt dc power supply

High power density DC module

EV4850M2 rectifier Module

Input: 90-290Vac; output : 43-58VdcCapacity:2900W





Perfect Application

48Vdc distributed system



LAN(local area network)


Indoor wireless network

Telecommunications equipment


u Compact structure, power density up to 23.5W/in3

u Output voltage adjustable 43-58Vdc, default 53.5V

u Wide working temperature range: -40~+45°C, (extended optional: +45~+65°C)

u Power factor correction ≥0.98

u RS485 communication interface

u Input over-voltage protection

u Output over-voltage protection

u Output over-current protection

u Over temperature alarm and protection

u Parallel via bus current equalizing

u Remote control On/Off

u Hot swap

u Comply to UL1 60950, CSA2C22.2 60950-00, VDE30805 IEC60950 requirements

u CE4 marking complies with 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC directives

u High efficiency, >95%





Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment 0

Parameter MIN. Classic MAX. UNIT Remark
Input voltage 90 110/220 290 Vac Long rime bearing with 320VAC, no damage
Input frequency 45 50/60 65 Hz Rated load
Input current     18.5 A 176VAC full load
PF 0.98       Rated input /rated load
Power conversion 151 155 159 Vac Capacity decrease from 2900W to 1200W
146 150 154 Vac  


Parameter MIN. Classic MAX. UNIT Remark
Output voltage 43 53.5 58 Vdc Settable by monitor(condition :without load)
Output current 0 50 53 A  
accuracy     ±0.6 %  
Ripple Value(Max)     200 mV In the rated input/output, plus one 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and one 10uF high frequency electrolytic capacitor each, the bandwidth is 20MHz.
Output capacity   2900 2950 W Input range within 154-290V
  1200   W Input range within 90-154V
Output efficiency 95   95.6 % 220V AC input ,25%-75%load
86     % 110V AC input range
Dynamic response overshoot     ±5 %  
Dynamic response time     200 us 25%-50%-25% or 50%-75%-50% load change, jump rate 0.1A/us, transition period 4ms, equal upper and lower half cycles.
Start up time 3   10 S The rated input voltage is switched on until the output voltage reaches 42VDC; To start output, it requires to use the pre-limit current function.
ON/OFF overshoot     ±5 %  
Unbalance level     ±5   176-290Vac,50%-100% load
Telephone weight noise     2 mV  
Broadband noise voltage    






Discrete noise    











Parameter MIN. Classic MAX. UNIT Remark
Input overvoltage protection 300 310 320 Vdc Self-recovery, restore voltage 10V
Input overvoltage protection recovery point 290     Vdc  
Input undervoltage protection 75 80 85 Vdc Self-recoverable
Input undervoltage protection recovery point     90 Vdc  
Output overvoltage protection point 59 60 61 V Locked up
Output current limit protection 54     A Self recovery
Short circuit protection Long-term short circuit; self-healing A Self recovery
Power over temperature protection Automatic recovery at ambient temperature 60°C C  


Parameter MIN. Classic MAX. UNIT Remark
Operating temperature -40   65 °C  
Transportation environment temperature -40   70 °C  
Storage temperature -40   70 °C  
Humidity 5   95 % Non-condensation
Altitude 0   4000 m 3000-4000m, use high temperature derating under ambient conditions, drop 1°C for every 200m increase
Seismic level 4     Zone  
Atmospheric pressure 70   106 KPa  
Noise   45 55 dB Noise is proportional to fan speed, load size, and ambient temperature
Sleep power consumption     4 W  
Remark: At 45°C, the module can output the maximum output power without over-temperature protection; when it is higher than 45°C, the module power is automatically derated. When it rises to 65°C, the module is over-temperature protected.



EMC and others
Parameter Standard
Radiated Emission (CE) EN55022 - Class A
Conducted Emission (RE) Input :EN55022 - Class A output :Class A
Electrostatic discharge

EN/IEC 61000-4-2

Contact discharge ± 6KV, Air discharge ± 8KV, Criterion B; Contact discharge ± 8KV, Air discharge ± 10KV, Criterion R

Contact discharge ±2KV, criterion R

Harmonic emission EN/IEC61000-3-2 CLASS A
Radiated immunity EN/IEC 61000-4-3 Level 3 (10 V/m).
Conducted immunity EN/IEC 61000-4-6 Level 3 (10 V/m).
Fast transient burst EN/IEC 61000-4-4 Level 3 (2 kV, 5 kHz repeating)
Surge EN/IEC 61000-4-5 Level 3 Criterion: B,L-L :±2KV,L-G:±4KV

Lightning impact

No failure

No damage

EN/IEC61000-4-5 Level 4 (common mode 4kV, differential mode 2kV)

ANSI C62.41 Level A3 (Common Mode and Differential Mode 6kV)

Voltage Dips and Short-Time Interrupt Immunity (DIP) EN/IEC61000-4-11 drops to 70%, 40%, 0% Ut for durations of 100ms, 20ms, 10ms at 0°, 45°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 225°, 270°, 315 ° Each phase falls and meets criterion B
Voltage fluctuations and flicker EN/IEC61000-3-3 Pst ≤ 1.0; P1t ≤ 0.65; dc ≤ 3%; dmax ≤ 4%; d(t) value exceeds 3% of the time ≤ 200ms
Reliability (Calculation) ≤250,000 Hours
Parallel function N+1,unblance within ±5%;
Voltage Dips and Short-Time Interrupt Immunity (DIP) Sinusoidal vibration: 5 - 9Hz; Amplitude 3.5mm; 9-200Hz; Acceleration spectral density: 10m2/s3; 3 axial, sweep frequency vibration 5 times in each direction, 1OCT/MIN (1 octave/min)
Voltage fluctuations and flicker Random vibration: 2-10 Hz, 10 m2/s3; 10-200 Hz: 3 m2/s3; 200-500 Hz: 1 m2/s3; 3 axial directions, each 30 min.


Insulation class
Parameter Standard Remark
input Output 3000Vac/10mA//1min No arcing, no breakdown, with discharge tube removed during test
Input - Earth 1500Vac/10mA//1min
Output - Earth 1500Vac/10mA//1min
Contact current (input to ground) ≤3.5 mA Input 264Vac /50HZ
Insulation resistance ≥10MΩ Under normal atmospheric pressure, when the relative humidity is 90% and the test voltage is 500V DC, the insulation resistance of the power input to the output, the input to the ground, and the output to the ground shall not be lower than 10MΩ.


Mechanical properties
D*W*H 242.1*102.7*83.8mm
Weight (kg) ≤3.8Kg


Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment 1



Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment 2


Output over-voltage shutdown


If the output voltage exceeds the preset value, the rectifier will automatically shut down. Reduce the overvoltage shutoff point by approximately 1V at full load to ensure that the rectifier shuts off smoothly during overvoltage. Overvoltage shutdown voltage can be adjusted and set at the factory.



When quick plugging and unplugging of the module is performed, the inside of the module should be fully discharged to ensure that the automatic restart of the module can be completed smoothly. To ensure sufficient internal discharge of the power supply, observe the rotation of the fan after the module is removed. Do not insert the module until the fan stops rotating.


Input inrush current

When the rectifier is started, the input impulse current peak value is not more than 2 times the maximum input current. At startup, the output voltage and current will rise slowly from zero, providing a soft load characteristic for the device.


Over temperature protection

When the rectifier reaches its maximum operating temperature, the rectifier gradually reduces the output current to lower its internal temperature. In extreme environments, the internal temperature of the rectifier may continue to rise even if the output current is reduced. In this case, the rectifier will be completely shut down and restart automatically after the internal temperature returns to normal.

When fully loaded, the rectifier operating temperature: -40 ~ +45 °C, the maximum operating temperature is +65 °C, in the +45 ~ +65 °C temperature rectifier under load, in order to maintain its internal temperature within the normal range.


Current equalizing


Current sharing characteristics


When sharing several rectifiers in the system, the rectifier will effectively share current. Each rectifier's hardware monitors the bus voltage and adjusts its own output current to match other rectifiers.

Forced air cooling

The rectifier constantly monitors its internal temperature, ambient temperature, and output current to adjust fan speed. This type of fan speed control reduces noise and dust build-up. If a fan stops working and cannot be restarted by the microcomputer, a fan failure alarm signal will be issued and the rectifier output current will be reduced.


Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment 3

Socket type Pin Signal meaning Labeling Contact sequence

AC input (J1)

FCI 51939-021

1 Module AC input L 2
2 Module protection PE 1
3 Module AC input N 2

DC output and signal (J2)

FCI 51939-022

1 Module address line ADDRESS0 3
2 Module address line ADDRESS1 3
3 Modules are streamlined LOADSHARE+ 3
4 NC NC 3(kept)
5 NC NC 3(kept)
6 NC NC 3(kept)
7 Module address line ADDRESS2 3
8 Module address line ADDRESS3 3
9 Modules equalizing line LOADSHARE- 3(kept)
10 RS485 + +5V 3
11 RS485 - +5VGND 3
12 Module communication line RS485- 3
13 Module address line ADDRESS4 3
14 NC NC 3(kept)
15 Module communication line RS485+ 3
16 Address line GND ADDR_GND 3
  Precharge Pre-Charge 1
  Module output 48V+ DC+ 2
  Module output 48V+ DC+ 2
  Module output 48V- DC- 1
  Module output 48V- DC- 1


LED Indicator
Indication mark Indicator color Status Instruction Meaning



ON Mains input is normal and module is working normally
OFF Mains failure (no AC input, AC input overvoltage, no output from the module)

Protection indicator




OFF No module failure
ON The power module is abnormally temperature-pre-alarmed; it sleeps and shuts down (only the protection indicator is on when the device is powered off, and the module does not report alarms).
Fault indicator red OFF No module failure
ON The red light is on when the output is over voltage shutdown, fan failure, over temperature shutdown, or no output due to the internal cause of the module.


Remote Control 48V DC Power Supply For Telecommunications Equipment 4


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