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3 Phase Online Low Frequency UPS 10 - 200kVA DSP Control For Middle And Large Data Center

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China Shenzhen HuaRuiDi Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen MOTU Power Supply Co.,Ltd) certification
China Shenzhen HuaRuiDi Science & Technology Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen MOTU Power Supply Co.,Ltd) certification
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3 Phase Online Low Frequency UPS 10 - 200kVA DSP Control For Middle And Large Data Center

Detailed Product Description
APPLICAITON: Middle And Large Data Center, Main Feature: UALITY POWER SUPPLY
Temperature: 0℃-40℃(working Environment) Relative Humidity: 0~95%, Non Condensing
Noise: <60db At 1.5m From Surface Of Unit Efficiency: >92%
High Light:

online ups power


low frequency online ups


dsp control low frequency online ups

PE series 3phase Online LF UPS 10-200kVA is powerful DSP control technology product ,bringing this UPS with super reliability and performance and leading this UPS to be an high end design for industry use and harsh environment.


Perrfect Application:


3 Phase Online Low Frequency UPS 10 - 200kVA DSP Control For Middle And Large Data Center 0


Main Feature:


PE series is an On-Line double conversion (VFI) UPS with isolation output transformer with design based on latest advanced technology, unit capacity from 10KVA to 200KVA. It is immune to the interference on the electric power supply line as it has social input and output filters. World leading DSP technology, with high speed DSP processor are adopted to guarantee system’s high stability and giving stable output power supply for all kinds of harsh load.


RFECT APPLICAITON: Middle and large data center, Telecom, Finance, Traffic, Defense, Medical, Education, Energy, Manufacture, Industry, etc.


The advanced DPS technology appliance considerably improves reliability, since a reduction in electronic components lowers the likelihood of breakdowns. Digital control is provided by the microprocessor that, in the PE series controls all the internal parameters, thus increasing reliability and performance. In parallel connections, digital control ensures balance of the currents, which generally change over time due to phenomena such as vibrations and temperature between the UPS units and the exchange of information with no need for manual tuning. MTBF >200,000h.PE has been designed so that it can be connected in parallel even after the installation of the first unit. The power availability can be increased thanks to various configurations available such as the parallel configuration, the Dual Bus function and the Dynamic Dual Bus system.


HIGH SED DSP PROCESSOR: Ensuring the oration more fast and stable


The ups can accept 3phase 100% unbalance load to satisfy kinds of load configuration.


ECO function: under good power condition, UPS can work in ECO mode, efficiency reach 98%, green and energy saving;


With its strong overload capability, output galvanic isolation and low harmonic current distortion, it is the ideal solution for industrial applications.

Thanks to the high battery current, PV Plus Series is suitable to work with large battery banks as it can guarantee recharging in 10 hours as recommended by the battery manufacturer.


ORATING FLEXIBILITY:All power ratings of the PE series can also be used as Frequency Converters 50 to 60 Hz and vice versa.


Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
Optimal battery management includes:

· Periodical battery test, and automatically transfer between boost charging and float charging to extend battery lifespan

· Automatically adjusting the battery charging current according to battery capacity

· Recharge temperature compensation (optional)

· Remaining back up time display


The feedback protection device prevents any voltage back feed in the upstream distribution board, thus ensuring the safety of the maintenance personnel.


Full frontal access is for all power and electronic components, which reduces the floor space required and consequently reduces the installation costs.

Configured with top and bottom cable connection


UPS Monitor software displays the most important information such as the input and output voltage, the load applied, the remaining back-up time, etc., in the form of bar graphs. The software is able to provide information even in the event of a failure, in support of the fault diagnostics. The UPS Monitor software can be used to program the automatic shutdown of all on systems in the event of a prolonged black out. PV Plus can also orate with a network agent for applications on LAN or WAN networks.

The UPS contains the following hardware interfaces:

· RS232 /RS485 interface,

· Dry contacts: battery low,battery discharge,bypass/breakdown

· EPO (Emergency Power Off) contact for UPS shutdown using the remote emergency button.

· SNMP card(optional)


Maximum parallel up to 8 units ,benefited from the latest advanced parallel technology ,it brings with extremely low cycle current and super reliable parallel system


Two independent systems set in Dual Bus Configuration can be merged together at any time for system expansion or maintenance. This provides a lot of flexibility in your installation in case of maintenance or when it is necessary to change the redundancy level of both systems.


MODEL PE33-20~30kVA PE33-40~80kVA PE33-100~120kVA PE33-160~200kVA
UPS(L*W*D) 540*1120*620 660*1550*860 660*1550*860 800*1800*1120
UPS weight (kg) 225/273 437/500/600 600 810/850
Temperature 0℃-40℃(working environment)
Relative humidity 0~95%, non condensing
Noise <60db at 1.5m from surface of unit
Altitude 100m(height rises every 100m, power decreases 1%, maximum height is 4000m)
Efficiency >92%
Transfer time 0ms
Technology True double-conversion online technology, IGBT inverter
Voltage 3*220/380vac±25%
Frequency 50Hz±15%
Conductors Three phrases+N+E



3*220/380vac±1%(More voltage can be selected)
Frequency 50±0.1Hz
Waveform Pure sine wave generated by high frequency PWM inverter
Harmonic Distortion <2% Linear load<5% Nonlinear load
Crest Factor 3:1
Power Factor ≧0.9
Voltage regulation Load balance:±1%
Overload capacity 125% for 12 minutes/ 150% for one minute to bypass
Conductors Tree phrases+N+E
Type Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery, 12V*32Pcs; 120kVA, 160kVA and 200kVA, 12*40pcs
Full load autonomy 3 to 15 minutes extended-range capability
Typical recharge time 4~8 hours, 90%
Battery handle selftest. Transfer Point Adjustable battery and alarm setting
Battery protection Fuse protection, battery switch, temperature compensation, regular inspection, software protection, overvoltage tripping.
Rectification Software protection, input switch, over current protection, temperature protection
Hardware protections Breaker for input, output, battery and bypass. Fast acting fuses in DC, fans, redundant power supplies, temperature sensors, on-o switch and audible alarms.
Bypass Static solid state, automatic and manual oration without interruption for maintenance. External Bypass(optional)
Emergency switch Remote and/or local EPO
Supervisor control and communication
Frontal panel Interactive LCD display(Touchscreen)
Alarms Audible and visual alarm for abnormal conditions
Communications RS232, SNMP-RJ45, RS module for mobile network remote monitoring

NOTE: Any subject to change is without notice in advance.

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