2 Phase Auto Voltage Regulator , 10 - 1600 KVA Electronic Voltage Stabilizer

2 Phase Auto Voltage Regulator , 10 - 1600 KVA Electronic Voltage Stabilizer

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HRD/MOTU
Certification: CE
Model Number: GTZW-D

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: 200-5000usd/pcs
Packaging Details: standard for export
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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Detail Information

Input Rated Voltage: FF208/220 Vac, FN 120/127 Vac Input Frequency: 60HZ
Input Breaker: Yes Output Rated Voltage: Phase Voltage AC127V,Line Voltage AC220V
Output Accuracy: FF208/220 Vac+/-2%, FN 120/12Vac +/-2% Response Time: ≤3ms
Type: Non-contact , Electronic Color: Gray
High Light:

12vdc voltage regulator


2 phase automatic voltage regulator


60HZ Auto Voltage Regulator

Product Description

GTZW-D10-1200KVA 2 Phase Digital Control Voltage Stabilizer Specifications


1. Working Environments

Usage:indoor,vibration-free & jolt, stabilizer no serious affection from insulation gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other bombings and corrosive medium.

Working Voltage: 220/127 or200/120 +/-30% ,50/60HZ

Working Environment Temperature:-15℃~+45℃


Relative Humidity :≤90%

Load Regulation + / 5%


Noise<9 DB1 Mt


Terminal block for adding phases


  1. Product Specification
Phase Model



Current(A) Size (mm)
Weight (kg)
2phase GTZW-D10 10 15 350×600×750 140
GTZW-D15 15 22  
GTZW-D20 20 30 160
GTZW-D30 30 46 180
GTZW-D45 45 68 390×650×870 195
GTZW-D60 60 90 240
GTZW-D75 75 113 460×650×1200 316
GTZW-D100 100 152 330
GTZW-D150 150 228 700×700×1600 450
GTZW-D200 200 300 530
GTZW-D250 250 342 1100×800×2100 630
GTZW-D320 320 486 720
GTZW-D400 400 608 810
GTZW-D500 500 760 910
GTZW-D600 600 912 1050
GTZW-D800 800 1216 1800×1000×2100 1300
GTZW-D1000 1000 1520 1650
GTZW-D1200 1200 1824 1900
GTZW-D1600 1600 2431 1800×1000×2100  




v LCD Large-screen

Using large-screen LCD display, can shows dynamic display voltage, current, and all kinds of working condition.


v Product Characteristics

The speed of response time(regulating speed) is very fast, non-contact, anti-interference, no mechanical failure and wear of carbon brush, maintenance-free. Three-phase voltage regulating independently to ensure the balance of output voltage . Effectively protect the security of the precision equipment.


v Precision (output accuracy) Can Be Adjusted

All precision of the stabilizer is preset plus or minus 2 Volt. According to different load demand can be adjusted plus or minus 2 Volt, plus or minus 2 Volt.


v Manual Voltage Regulation

According to production requirement, within the scope of the 10% rated voltage value, the stabilizer can set voltage arbitrarily for different electrical equipment.


v Automatic Bypass Function

Equipped with automatic bypass function, when the stabilizer fails,it can turn into the mains automatically, no affection for the production.


v Output High and Low Voltage Protection Function

When monitoring circuit detect the output voltage beyond the upper or lower limit, voltage stabilizer can turn into the mains automatically, no affection for the production.


v Lack of Phase/Phase Fault Protection Function

When monitoring circuit detected phase failure, voltage regulator /stabilizer will cut off the output automatically and voice-alarm.




v Delay Stabilizing Output Voltage Function

Voltage Stabilizer boot or recover from a state of protection, would not be regulated immediately. But stay on only after users determine that the mains voltage are normal to ensure that the load equipment would not be damaged.


v Automatic Output Function

System preset is automatic output. When stabilizer connect to the mains, system detect that the power grid is normal, then it would delay < 3 ms, stabilizing output voltage automatically.


v Modular Design, Easy to Replace and Repair

Adopting modular design, regulating circuit and monitoring circuits independent to each other, all components are standard-normalization. Assembly, debugging, maintenance are more simple and quick.


v Strong Load/Carrying Capacity

When the short-time overload or short-circuit, the transformer would not be damaged to avoid coil burning fire. When overload 100%, stabilizer can withstand 15 min, 10 seconds for overload 500%.

  1. Main Technical Index
INPUT Rated Voltage FF208/220 Vac, FN 120/127 Vac
Stabilized Voltage Range 2P2W+G 220Vac +/- 30% (20-60%(customised avaiable)
Frequency 60HZ
Input breaker Yes
OUTPUT Rated Voltage 90.6/110/118/145.5 Vac, 157/220/236/252Vac
Center Voltage ±7℅(can be adjusted)
Output Accuracy FF 208/220/221/ 236 Vac +/- 2 Volt, FN 110.5/118/120/127Vac +/- 5%
Response Time ≤3ms
Power Factor 0.9
Stabilization Time ≤100ms/Step
THD < 1% (not produce additional waveform distortion)
Efficiency ≥99℅
Load regulation +/- 1,5%
Two-phase Unbalance Factor 2-phase voltage balance automatically, incrementation≤2%
Overload 500% 10sg/ 100% 15min/ 50% 1 Hour/ 30% 2 Hour/ 10% continue
Connection way

Terminal block for adding phases


Breaker Yes
PROTECTION Over voltage We accept the request
Under voltage We accept the request
Phase Loss Yes,uninterrupted to bypass
Surge Protection Yes
Overload Electric detection, overload 1 minute, the output would be cut off.
Over-current Electronic detection and circuit breaker dual protection.
Short Circuit Electronic detection and circuit breaker dual protection.
Bypass Manual bypass and automatic bypass.
INSTRUCTION Voltage A,B,∑AB Two-phase shows respectively true and effective values
Current A,B,∑AB Two-phase shows respectively true and effective values
Working State AVR/Bypass
Abnormal Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-load, fuse blowing
CONTROL MODE DSP operate metering chip intelligent control technology
WORKING MODE With automatic voltage regulation and the bypass, two working mode.
VOLTAGE REGULATION MODE 2-phase adjust voltage separately



500% for 10 Seconds

100% for 15 minutes

50% for 1 Hour

30% for 2 Hour

10% continue

MEASUREMENT TIME FOR CORRECTION 8.33 Ms response 1.5 us (microseconds)






5.Main Material List

Material Name Quantity Manufacturer Introductions

Adopt 2.0 Thick Cold-Roll Steel Sheets.Surface treatment:G139→Phosphating+PZ660 powder+powder coating or electrostatic

(RAL7032)plastic spraying;

DISPLAY 1pcs HRD Adopt STH wide angle LCD display,reading clearly;steroscopical and direct.
MAIN BOARD 1pcs HRD Develop PCB independently,stable circuitry;The main components adopt imported brand, like ”Infineon”, “ST”,“Fairchild”, “Toshiba”,etc.
SING PHASE COMPENSATING TRANSFORER 2PCS HRD Through secondary vacuum dipping, and continuously bake for 10 hours under the high temperature of 130 ℃.Transformer insulation class F, heat resistance 155 ℃. All the withstanding voltage are 3500V/5Ma/min;
RELAY 2PCS HRD Adopt domestic first-class brand,special customized for the Digital Control Voltage Stabilizer.





2PCS Ming Rong Adopting domestic fuse, the first brand ”Ming Rong”company’s high quality products




Industrial-grade resistance stable and durable







6.Technology and Special Requirements

1.With output manual bypass switch;

2. Enclosure material:Baosteel(or Wuhan Iron and Steel Group Corp)2mm thick cold-roll steel sheets;

3.Surface Treatment:G139→Phosphating+PZ660 powder+powder coating(RAL7032);

4.Products manufacture in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China industry standard ,Compensating AC Stabilizer Targets.

7.Technical Documents

Provide the complete technical file about the equipment :

A.1pcs The whole machine quality certification.

B.1pcs Product test report

C.1pcs User Manual

8.Quality Assurance and After-sales Service

1)Equipment warranty period is 2 years from the date of delivery;

2)During the warranty period,supplier offer technical support for free; When get the notice of the failure by the Party A, Party B should implement the warranty obligations; Reponse within 8 hours and the solution should be given without 24 hours to reduce the losses of Party A. If maintenance need other spare parts, Party B assist purchasing, installation and debugging, within 48 hours solve the problem.

3)After the warranty period, the supplier provide user with timely, high-quality, favorable technical service and supply spare parts.



9.LCD Display

2 Phase Auto Voltage Regulator , 10 - 1600 KVA Electronic Voltage Stabilizer 0




2 Phase Auto Voltage Regulator , 10 - 1600 KVA Electronic Voltage Stabilizer 1

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