Intelligent Automatic Voltage Stabilizer , AC Voltage Regulator Non - Contact Compensated

Intelligent Automatic Voltage Stabilizer , AC Voltage Regulator Non - Contact Compensated

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HRD/MOTU
Certification: CE, ISO9001,
Model Number: GTZW-S/D

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Standard for export
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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Detail Information

Working Voltage: 127/120 +/-30% ,50/60HZ Working Environment Temperature: -15℃~+45℃
Altitude: ≤1000m, Above 1000m, Derating Relative Humidity: ≤90%
Color: Gray Phase: 3 Phase / Single Phase
High Light:

12vdc voltage regulator


3 phase automatic voltage regulator


ce approved ac voltage regulator

Product Description

GTZW-S/D 10-3000kVA


Intelligent non - contact compensated AC voltage regulator


Working principle


This intelligent non-contact compensated AC voltage

regulator is adopted the latest high-speed DSP

chip control technology, fast AC sampling technology,

RMS correction technology, voltage and current

zero-crossing switching technology and fast

compensation regulator technology, combining the

smart instrument, fast regulator and fault

diagnosis togetherA.It leads the product

to be with high level safe, efficient and sophisticated.

The regulator is mainly composed of isolation transformer, SCR module, DSP control core, fast voltage regulator technology and safety protection device.

With the real-time monitoring output voltage by the DSP, fast calculation chip and control SCR module, to adjust the voltage range and polarity of the of the compensation transformer, the AVR can achieve fast regulation effectively.


Main Features:


High efficiency: more than 98%,low loss

  • High efficiency: more than 98%, low self-loss
  • High output accuracy ± 1%
  • Intelligent instrument display: real-time display accurate voltage, current RMS value, high resolution, thin film key operation, safe and reliable
  • Three-phase adjustment: three-phase independently regulation, to ensure that the output voltage of each phase is accurate.
  • Wide range of applications: Wide voltage range, to satisfy poor power grid quality or with large voltage fluctuation power conditions
  • High-speed response: Within 10ms,without any effect on computer, automation, equipment ect.
  • Comprehensive Protection: phase loss, wrong phase, over temperature, overload, overvoltage, under voltage, short circuit, fuse protection ect. to ensure safe operation of the regulator & load.
  • Preset function: output voltage, overload, overvoltage,response speed and other parameters can be arbitrarily set within capacity rating.
  • Strong Overload capacity: the machine uses high-quality devices, excellent performance, can be continuously working with 100% rated load, and can withstand transient overload without damage to the machine.
  • Strong adaptability: strong adaptability to the grid and load, can reliably, continuously and stably work in a variety of harsh power grid or with complex load conditions
  • No distortion: use voltage and current zero-crossing switching technology, no cutoff, no inrush current, the output waveform without distortion in the switching process
  • Low loss: less than 0.5% loss without load , which saves a lot of electricity fee for end users.
  • Low loss: less than 0.5% loss without load under rated voltage, which saves a lot of electricity for customers


Perfect Application:


Industry, transportation, post and telecommunications, defense, railway, scientific research and other fields of large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, metal processing equipment,.Like production lines, elevators, medical equipment, embroidery textile equipment, air conditioning, radio and television, household appliances and building lighting and other electrical equipment ,which needs stable voltage.


Technical Parameters:


Model D10K-100K(1phase) S10K-3000K(3phase)
Rated capacity: 10-100KVA 10-3000KVA



Single phase, L+N+G 3phase, 3L+N+G

Input Voltage


220V/230V/240Vac(110V/120V/127Vcustomizable) 380/400/415Vac(200V/208V/220Vcustomizable)
Standard ± 15% (± 20% / ± 30% customizable)
Output Voltage ±10% Settable ±10% Settable
regulation Accuracy: ±1% /±3%/±5% (Settable)
Efficiency: 10K-50K≥95%,50K-100K≥97%,>100K≥98%
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz auto-sense
Response time: <10ms
Stabilization time: <500ms
Insulation class: F class
Insulation resistance: Insulation resistance of the whole machine> 50MΩ
Dielectric strength: 2000V / 1min no arcing discharge, no breakdown
Output waveform: Without distortion, ZERO harmonic increment
Instantaneous overload capacity:

2 times the rated current


Display mode: LCD Display
Communication interface: RS232 OR RS485 (Optional)

Overload, overvoltage, undervoltage (settable), short circuit, phase loss, phase sequence wrong, over temperature, fuse


Lightning protection degree 220V or 380V, 20KA, C-class lightning protection, 1200V, <25ns (optional)
Filter: Built-in output filter to solve the transmission, EMT, EMI problems, to optimize the power quality, improve equipment anti-interference ability, the maximum leakage current <2mA, in line with GB7343 standard (optional)
Isolation: Built-in or external isolation transformer, to meet the electrical equipment and power grid to eliminate the interference of power grid clutter, to protect equipment and safety of personnel (optional)
Cooling method: Forced air cooling, intelligent speed
IP degree IP20

Dimensions and weight (for reference only)

Model Capacity(KVA) Size(W*D*H)cm Weight(Kg)
GTZW-D3K 3KVA 25*53*30 22
GTZW-D5K 5KVA 25*53*30 25
GTZW-D10K 10KVA 25*53*30 32
GTZW-D15K 15KVA 25*53*30 40
GTZW-D20K 20KVA 35*60*40 70
GTZW-D30K 30KVA 35*60*40 80
GTZW-D40K 40KVA 38*78*83 100
GTZW-D50K 50KVA 38*78*83 120
GTZW-D75K 75KVA 43*78*117 150
GTZW-D100K 100KVA 43*78*117 180
3Phase in and 3phase output
GTZW-S10K 10KVA 38*78*83 70
GTZW-S20K 20KVA 38*78*83 80
GTZW-S30K 30KVA 38*78*83 90
GTZW-S50K 50KVA 38*78*83 150
GTZW-S80K 80KVA 43*78*117 170
GTZW-S100K 100KVA 43*78*117 190
GTZW-S120K 120KVA 52*83*130 216
GTZW-S150K 150KVA 52*83*130 240
GTZW-S200K 200KVA 52*83*130 280
GTZW-S250K 250KVA 100*80*150 350
GTZW-S300K 300KVA 100*80*150 390
GTZW-S400K 400KVA 100*80*150 420
GTZW-S500K 500KVA 120*80*160 480
GTZW-S600K 600KVA 120*80*160 520
GTZW-S800K 800KVA 150*100*180 600
GTZW-S1000K 1000KVA 150*100*180 660
GTZW-S2000K 2000KVA 180*180*200 750
GTZW-S3000K 3000KVA 180*180*200 850

Intelligent Automatic Voltage Stabilizer , AC Voltage Regulator Non - Contact Compensated 0

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